Wednesday, July 30, 2008

United to plant trees all over the World!

What if all the humanitarian, social and ecological associations, foundations and other NGOs were to unite in the biggest project of all:
A 'Green March' starting in the East and heading towards the West ! Yes that's right: that's the course of the sun!
It could start in the South East - the Philippines for instance :) , and continue through Asia where the conflicts are nowadays, and push further until Jerusalem. Thus uniting all the children of Israel scattered in the East - the Ten lost Tribes, and lifting the curse of Ham that has been weighing on the shoulders of our brothers Africans for too long. All the children of every diaspora - Jews, Africans, Chinese, Filipinos, etc. should return to the land of their forefathers and become the Prodigal Sons that each country is longing for since time immemorial!
What a peaceful train of people of G-D that would be! With one single aim: showing the World that through being just and understanding with one another and planting trees together we can actually help establishing Peace on Earth and offsetting our carbon footprint on this planet at the same time!
Showing the world that we can unite to do so: there would be no political nor religious barriers raised against this simple and yet so rewarding action that is planting trees and to sincerely repent for being so much in debt vis-a-vis Alma Mater Nature and G-D !
For a Buddhist, an Hinduist, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Taoist, a Shintoist, etc. planting a tree is a good deed and is often mentioned in the Holy Scriptures of each religious obedience. There is no Holy Book asserting that "you shall not plant a tree with a gentile, even an apostate or someone of another religion!".
We have reasons to believe that everyone wants a better World to live in and especially if you have children you will understand what I am referring to...
At the beginning was the verb now "Let there be Green"! :) Let's organize this 'Green March'

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